Biowastes produced from various industries, municipal activities and wastewater treatment units are the major reasons of worry for the environmentalists and health departments. Due to limitations and harmful impacts of conventional strategies, there is a need to develop sustainable and innovative technologies for the treatment of this kind of wastes. Integration of waste treatment technologies based on biorefinery concept within the Circular Economy is essential to transform biowastes into value-added products such as biopolymers, bio-hydrogen, biogas, bioactive compounds, chemical building blocks and materials. Besides, the depuration of wastewaters for the water reuse, by removal or conversion of pollutants of toxic and emerging concern in more biodegradable substrates completes the paradigm of the Circular Economy in the field of the management of wastewaters.

The BIOTRES and REMTAVARES Consortia belong to the R&D activities program between research groups in Technology from Comunidad de Madrid.

The BIOTRES Consortium (S2018/EMT-4344) is focused on the integration of different advanced technologies (thermochemical, chemical and biological) for the processing of urban biowastes into high value added bio-based chemicals and the co-production of bioenergy.

The REMTAVARES Consortium REMTAVARES-CM (S2019/EMT-4341) is committed to develop innovative technologies for the removal of priority pollutants and compounds of emerging concern as well as the recovery of resources from wastewaters and generated sludge (more biodegradable substrates, nutrients, biopolymers and advanced porous materials).

The first workshop organized by both Consortia pretends to be a meeting point of scientific experts in the use of wastes for the production of high value-added compounds and renewable energy in order to give attendees the opportunity to know the cutting edge of the research activities and consider needs and solution for these themes.

Scientific Program

 The scientific program of the workshop will consist of several invited lectures from distinguished speakers and shorts presentation from researchers of both consortiums. Likewise, industrial sector will be also invited to this event.  

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BIOTRES-CM project (S2018 / EMT-4344), funded by the Community of Madrid and the European Regional Development Fund

More info about REMTAVARES project network

REMTAVARES-CM (S2018 / EMT-4341) is a Network promoted and financed by the Community of Madrid through the 2018 call for the Program of R&D activities in Technologies between research groups of the Community of Madrid, and co-financed by the European Union through the Structural Funds, the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.